What BIG change do you want to make in your life?

Do you want to advance your career? Be known as an expert in your space? Change careers? Start a business? 

What’s stopping you?

Your life is entirely within your control … and yet, circumstances and self-limiting beliefs convince you that you are stuck. Coaching will unlock your potential by showing you the possibilities and opportunities that have always been in front of you.

Through coaching, you gain the knowledge, tools and resources to step into your leadership potential, get to the next level and reinvent your life. And we work together in a flexible structure that is co-create together. 

“What do people get when they go Moxie? They get straight talking, right-on-the-edge personal challenges, immense support through a process that works for the individual, all leading to a sense of transformation.” — Adjunct Fellow, American Security Project  


Individual Coaching Programs

What change do you want to achieve in your life? How will it serve you? And what’s stopping you? Coaching gives you the knowledge, tools and resources to move forward towards your goals with clarity, confidence and courage … and leave your fear behind. My individual clients are CEOs, senior executives and small business owners who want to break out of the day to day to achieve their full potential. My one-on-one coaching programs are designed to support you in achieving your goals. I coach new clients in person, online or over the telephone in an introductory 24-session program.


Corporate Coaching Programs

Corporate coaching programs are co-designed with upper management to achieve specific team and organizational goals. And those most successful coaching programs are specifically designed to create meaningful results. These programs can be focused across the following areas of expertise: leadership development, relationship & team development, business growth, career transition, work/life balance and conflict resolution/mediation. Specific industry experience spans Life Sciences, Healthcare, Financial Services and Strategic Communications. 

In one recent case study, I acted as Team Lead and Leadership Coach for Leading Better Care, a first of its kind Leadership coaching program for Scottish National Health. Launched in November 2015, this exciting program focused on coaching 130 team managers within the Scottish National Health (NHS) service over 6 months. In addition to leading a team of coaches in Inverness, Laura provided individual and group coaching to 9 supervising managers within NHS  to empower them to step into their leadership roles and create positive impact for themselves, their teams and their patients. This incredibly successful coaching model is now being scaled to achieve an even higher level of impact across health services around the world. 


Let’s Find YOUR Moxie!  

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Moxie Gets Results!

“I’ve owned a small consulting firm for 14 years and I recently started working with MoxieLife Coach and Laura Miolla to get individual leadership coaching. Though it’s early in the process, I have been extremely impressed by her approach, her professionalism, and her ability to help me get connected very quickly to what I should be focusing on and how I am investing my time and energy on things. I should have started sooner!” — Dwight McMillan, President, Basics Group

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