Time is the only true currency we have … so, how much time are you willing to spend being stuck in the same place? And what will it cost you to keep staying here?

What could you achieve with a clear vision of what you want? What could you achieve when you eliminate the self-sabotage of doubt and self-limiting beliefs?  What could you achieve with a detailed action plan and firm accountability?

You deserve the career and life you want … rather than remain resigned with the one you’ve been living with. You deserve to live with purpose and passion. You deserve to have a champion in your corner who sees your potential. You don’t have to do this alone.

With a little Moxie … it’s all within your reach.  So, what are you waiting for?

“Laura is an approachable, professional and passionate coach who helped me to reach new and insightful conclusions for my professional journey. She is a great listener, asks the right questions at the right time to make me feel inspired, guided, and ready to make it happen.” —  Dorothee 


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“My experience with Laura is that she is both gifted and empathetic. She is also willing to take risks in order to create breakthroughs. My life is much better because of her, and I anticipate working with her for a long time to come.” — David

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