Whether you want to grow your network, advance your career or start a business, you need a brand. Your brand is what you are known for … what people can rely on in their interactions with you. Your brand gives you differentiation AND visibility. Throw out the old adage that you need to “write for your audience.” Successfully engaging and connecting with your target audience starts from within, from YOUR personal or professional identity. Then, your brand is created from your identity … and that brand sets an expectation with your target audience around who you are, what you do and what you will do for them. And when you connect with your audience in that way, you are creating more engaged and loyal customers, clients and employees/employers. 

“Laura distilled my high-level vision into a differentiated brand and marketing/messaging strategy to make a more immediate impact.” — Andrew Young, NovusLife  

Alignment of talent, message and brand are critical for achieving consistent, sustainable results. My coaching/consulting mix gives you clarity of purpose, alignment of people, roles and systems and resonant messaging that reflects your vision and engages your audience. Stepping up requires stepping out … in a way that gets your brand noticed and delivering results. Coaching is conducted in person, online or over the telephone in an introductory 24-session program that is co-created together.


Brand Coaching & Consulting Services

  • Mission, Values &  Brand Message Identification & Translation
  • Brand Strategy & Alignment
  • Differentiation & Niche Development
  • Copy-Writing For Strategic Communications


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