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Like you, I worked really hard my entire life. I grew up believing that hard work was the key to success. And yet, I was never where I wanted to be … or where I thought I should be. So, it meant more work … more effort … more STRESS … which only created more of what I didn’t want.

Isn’t it ironic that we think more stress will create the idyllic life we dream about … when, in fact, it creates the opposite?

I’ve been through it all.

The Corporate America roller coaster. Acquisitions. Layoffs. Living abroad. Marriage. Motherhood. Divorce. Co-Parenting. Finding my passion. An MS diagnosis. Entrepreneurship. Explosive business growth. Meeting the love of my life. NOW being my best self and living the life I create for myself every day.

My experiences don’t define me. I own them, learned from them and found ME along the way. Breaking the fear-stress cycle required me to release judgment … in order to embrace acceptance. And it was only from that place that I could truly access, know and feel love for myself … and BE my best self. It took a long time to get here … but my journey is valuable and central to my purpose in helping you achieve the success you want in your life.

My professional background includes 20+ years in management, leadership, strategy and business development in specific roles such as Vice President Business Development, Consultant and Advisory Board member. I have a Master’s degree and professional certifications through the International Coaching Federation (PCC) and the Coaches Training Institute (CPCC). I am also a certified Parentology coach and Mediator.

I also write and am published in Huffington Post, Medium, Fox News Magazine, Parents Magazine, Thought Catalog, Care2, Working Mother Magazine, Babble, YourTango, Unlocked Magazine and Solo Parent Magazine. And I send my perspective and knowledge into the world through short videos you can access through my blog or YouTube.

From my experiences, my journey … I can tell you this ….

The bumps in the road aren’t meant to stop you. They’re there to help you learn something about your situation … about yourself … to get to the next step. And they’re there to help you appreciate that you ARE powerful … and can move forward one small … or huge … step at a time.

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“As leaders, and particularly as women in leadership, we are challenged every day to make the best choices for our organizations, our families and our personal needs. Our best choices for each of our priorities can appear to interfere with one another, and often we are left making decisions in a vacuum. MoxieLife Coach is leadership coaching which understands the importance of finding the right balance. Laura does this not through instruction, but by asking the right questions to encourage looking beyond what seems to be the obvious and complex problem. She has been an important partner on my journey to understand and connect with my intent and my values. In so doing, the right choices come into focus and the solutions become obvious. We all have power within and ability to have control over our lives and our leadership potential – yet we often feel power and control are negative or unattainable. Laura has been a partner in helping me find deeper understanding of what true power and control is: believing I am truly capable, owning my responsibility and demonstrating authenticity through my daily actions. Through coaching, I have become a better decision maker and a better partner with my own teams, family and self.” — Lisa Marceau, Executive Director & Vice President, Digital Strategies, New England Research Institutes, Inc.